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What's In The Mix?

Made using strain
GOrilla Glue #4

Naturally Flavored with
Chocolate, Banana

Your choice of either a:

Cannabis Derived Strain Terpenes -or- Botanical Cannabis Strain Terpenes

Flavor-enhanced cannabis profiles combine strain-specific cannabis profiles created from either Cannabis-Derived Hybrids or Botanical-Derived Terpenes with complementary natural flavors.

This product is perfect for tinctures, dabs, or vape. All flavors are lipid-based and homogenize perfectly with any cannabis extract and terpene profile. They will never separate or precipitate.

All flavor profiles are incredibly simple to work with and comply with the strictest of regulatory compliance requirements by having no prohibited adulterants such as PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Squalene, or VEA thinning agents. No Alcohol, No Water, No separation. Just addicting natural flavors that broaden your product reach and market potential.
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